Barco Buys Control System Company Medialon

SWM-Pro-Without-Feet-0516Barco has purchased Florida-based Medialon. Medialon is known as a control system company that’s 100 percent cloud-based.

“For us, Barco has the piece we were missing — a sales channel,” Medialon North American Sales Manager, Eric Cantrell, told rAVe today. He continued, “It’s been an interesting several months. We are profitable and this gives Barco access to a market they want more control in — theme parks and museums — and they want to grow the corporate control business with Overture.”

Manufacturing and sales administration will move to Atlanta, Ga. and software development will move to Canada as part of X2O Media.

The acquisition has been announced to the distribution channel and becomes effective immediately. For the time being your current daily business contacts at Medialon remain unchanged, to ensure continuity during the integration period and beyond. We will inform you in a timely manner should any of your contacts change in the future.

Medialon is here and, of course, Barco is here.