Barco Becomes First Projector Manufacturer to Issue All ProAV Projectors as BIM Objects

bim-0314Barco told rAVe today that all its corporate AV projector line will be available as BIM objects starting immediately. Now consultants, architects and designers will have quick access to complete and detailed product information to easily integrate the Barco projectors from the very start of their design phase.

The Barco Present projectors for corporate AV include a line of single-chip and three-chip DLP business projectors — with brightness levels from 5,000 up to 10,000 lumens, and a wide choice in resolutions from XGA to WQXGA. You can see the line here.

barco1-0314The face-based BIM objects include features such as exchangeable lenses, AV planning, MEP connections, throw ranges and no-go zones. The BIM objects contain a high level of detail; consultants, architects and designers can get a complete bill of materials directly from their BIM software. “We have managed to visually re-create the elegant design of Barco’s projectors, however — the complete package is what’s important. Engineers and planners will have great use of the highly detailed BIM objects,” says Ben O’Donnell, CTO at BIMobject AB.

All BIM objects will be avaible for free on the BIM object portal and on the download pages of the Barco Corporate AV projectors on

This month rAVe founder Gary Kayye also debuted a new BIM-centric keynote address at the Almo Pro/AV E4 AV Tour, which you can watch it here.