Barco Announces Partners for ClickShare Alliance Program

barco alliance program

Barco both announced and already has partners for its new ClickShare Alliance Program, including Logitech, Jabra, Vaddio and Yamaha. Together with key partners, Barco says it aims to bring better hybrid meetings, powered by the ClickShare portfolio and peripherals from alliance partners. As a result, customers can enjoy one simple, one-click wireless conferencing solutions with guaranteed compatibility for their workplace.

Dealing with the challenges that the pandemic brought on, a much-needed new balance between home office and workplace resulted in hybrid ways of working and meeting (i.e. employees are partly remote and partly in-office), where video has been accepted as a natural way of collaboration. Now, as businesses embrace this new normal of hybrid ways and step-by-step return to the office, it has become clear that connecting in-room and remote participants in meetings is still far from an engaging experience. Combining complementary strengths with partners that have great expertise in productivity, control, peripherals or unified communications, Barco says its company wants to build a solid ecosystem for meeting and collaboration experiences.

Barco’s ClickShare alliance partner program features three different partnership levels, from Compatible to Strategic. The first partnership level, Compatible, brings customers meeting room solutions that have been verified for technical compatibility. The second level, Certified, brings customers even more peace of mind, as products are tested and validated every quarter for compatibility. And at the third level, Strategic, product functionalities can be integrated between Barco and the partner, for a superior user experience. Needless to say that the different partner levels also come with distinct co-marketing and joint business development benefits for partners.