Barco Announces an Upgraded ClickShare at ISE 2013

barco clickshare 0113

I had the opportunity to sit down with Barco’s Dirk Hendrickx (VP of EMEA) yesterday morning ahead of the “official” announcement of the company’s ClickShare feature additions. He was upbeat about three specific additions to their one-click wonder. You may recallClickShare has the capability to route video via a network — without any cables or switchers required. All you do is connect a click share pod (dongle) to each computer in the room that might ever need to be displayed on a projector or monitor and when and if it is ever needed, you just press a button on the ClickShare pod and, voila, it’s projected via the air.

Well, here at ISE, Barco is adding three features to the new ClickShare: audio, tablet connectivity and dual (or matrixes) outputs.

Audio: In addition to routing your video to a connected display via the network, now ClickShare also routes audio — you can either connect the audio via an AV audio system or directly into the display if you want to use the projector’s or monitor’s speakers.

Tablets: In addition to adding Windows 8 Surface capability, Barco added iOS so you can connect and project iPads and iPhones to the system.

Dual Output: Basically, the new ClickShare adds a second output to the receiver (the box that’s connected to the projector or monitor and accepts the wireless screen-scrape image). But it’s not a same-screen output. In fact, it’s a matrix’d output — you can now display two different sources simultaneously. So, now ClickShare is a 4×2 wireless matrix too.

In this interview, Dirk explains each feature and where he sees ClickShare headed in the future. Hint: It’s bigger than just Barco.