Barco Amps Up XMS Cloud Platform With New Version

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Managing, monitoring and optimizing meeting experiences using Barco has just got easier and better, thanks to its new XMS Cloud platform. XMS Cloud is designed for IT professionals to give them device control, proactive intervention, remote management of any Barco CklickShares used in a facility. Here are the improvements:

A better UI: Key system health stats are now available at a glance, enabling quick and effective monitoring. Access the platform and see your system’s health immediately. Overall, the dashboard gives you a complete overview of how your installed base is functioning, including:

  • system health status
  • firmware distribution
  • connected clients (Buttons or App)
  • overdue actions
  • location usage and more.

Automatic notifications for intervention: You are now alerted via email and in the platform of any tech issue or overdue actions that affect your devices´ health so you can intervene immediately.

Access meeting behavior data to monitor and improve meeting experiences: Thanks to XMS Cloud, you have access to data that will open the way for understanding employee meeting behavior, optimizing workspaces and increasing device ROI. Among many others, these are 5 key questions you will have an answer to:

  • Are workers embracing the meeting technology you worked so hard to implement?
  • Is that happening company-wide or only in some locations?
  • Are some meeting spaces underutilized? If yes, now you can investigate why and optimize your spaces. If not, congratulations!
  • Do employees prefer to organize more hybrid meetings or do they meet face-to-face?
  • Do they join meetings via the ClickShare App or do they prefer our Buttons?

Insights for understanding device status and usage: With XMS Cloud, IT professionals like you can get relevant insights into your meeting room devices, be it ClickShare units and Buttons or peripherals such as cameras, mics and speakers. The new Advanced Settings allow zooming in on every meeting room, displaying a complete overview of its devices and usage.

Explore the marketplace and add functionalities suited to your needs: The marketplace is where users find helpful tools, integrations and plugins. As an IT administrator, you can manage these from a centralized location. No need for any of the XMS users to manually add any tool. One example is digital signage! XMS Cloud enables you to add your preferred digital signage provider. Take advantage of it to bring more engaging and dynamic corporate communications to every meeting room; that way, your meeting room displays can be used to inspire, inform, and engage employees.

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