Barco Adds Remote Management and Monitoring to Overture Control

At InfoComm 2019 next week, Barco will announce that they’ve integrated remote monitoring and automated analytics to their Overture control platform. Adding an RMM solution that allows remote monitoring and control of these devices, will be a key marketing tool they will use to try to get adoption of Overture — mostly aimed at small and medium-sized rooms and the education markets.

With Overture’s new remote monitoring capabilities, AV and IT room operators are automatically notified when certain events occur — e.g., when a device malfunctions or a projector lamp needs replacement. Based on those alerts, the support team can schedule preventative maintenance and solve the issues before they affect users. This type of functionality has been in traditional control systems for years but adding it to the Overture is key to adoption.

With this addition, AV/IT operations team can remotely control and manage each device individually, while bringing these capabilities together in a secure and scalable Cloud platform allows for smart incident handling by correlating different events. On top of that, you can integrate Overture into your existing support processes and tools through an API.

Barco says that with its secure and scalable architecture, Overture is positioned perfectly for MSPs to deliver services, meeting the required SLAs through a real-time view on all their customer workspaces, while reducing costly on-site interventions.

Using Insights, an MSP can become a trusted advisor for its customers by leveraging the device statistics to provide recommendations on technology investments, workspace design and return on investments based on technology adoption.

All the details on the upgraded Overture will be here.