Barco Adds Option to Integrate Overture Into ClickShare

Just two days following one of my most popular blogs, Barco’s Overture Dilemma, Barco announced exactly what I suggested inside the blog — they’ve integrated Overture into ClickShare!

In a blog post from ClickShare Product Manager Steven Lampshear, shrouded as an educational piece about how ClickShare can make meetings simpler, near the bottom, is a section on what’s new at InfoComm that says, “Overture can now be configured with the industry-leading collaboration device, Barco ClickShare, which eliminates time spent “passing the cable” from presenter to presenter and creates an integrated and streamlined meeting environment. Overture and ClickShare together manage a full range of customized settings relevant to the meeting environments that are most productive for your team.”

So, at InfoComm, it’s clear Barco will officially announce that Overture will be added as an integration option to ClickShare. This may very well give Overture a new life.