Barco Adds to LED Lineup With 7 mm Pixel Pitch Version

Barco has just added a 7 mm pixel pitch model to its range of ‘digital media canvases.’ The R-series has a thin, lightweight and bendable design and is aimed at uses like retail, advertising, large venue and visitor attraction applications.

Installation and maintenance are key cost drivers for store façades, museums, theaters, houses of worship, stadiums, and corporate or event venues. Up to 75 percent lighter, Barca says the R-series is much easier and faster to install than traditional LED displays, which minimizes installation cost. Offered in sheets up to 4.68 meters long and only 5 mm thick (including louvers), the digital media canvases can cover all kinds of surfaces. And to remove today’s cable clutter, cabling, control, and power electronics are fully integrated on every sheet. Moreover, the power supply unit can be located remotely for easy servicing.

Thanks to their unique bendable, ultra-thin design, architectural constraints are reduced and less space needs to be freed up. And with minimal need for a supporting structure, the R-series can be glued onto a surface or wrapped around curved shapes. Plus, there are no visual segmentations or gaps, as is the case with standard tiled LED displays.

Driven by Barco’s Infinipix image processing platform, the R-series is a future-proof design that includes a web-based interface that enables display configuration, control, monitoring, and maintenance from any device. Based on HTML5, different operating systems and mobile devices can be used to control the R-series, both on-site and off-site. The system supports SNMP to export monitoring data, but sends automatic failure alerts and status notifications as well to minimize operational risk.

Here are all the tech specs.