Barco Adds Audio Solution to Simulation Line

IOSONO-CORE-0516Barco will officially roll out its new immersive audio system for simulation this month. Using their IOSONO audio processor for immersive sound experiences, Barco will bring what it says is the same high fidelity to audio for simulation systems as it does for visualization.

To make simulation systems approximate reality as closely as possible, you need to involve as many senses as possible. Up to now, simulation systems have largely been restricted to visualization. Barco is now adding great audio − which is of crucial importance, for example, in large simulation systems and dome setups, where the trainee cannot see the entire projection canvas at a glance. The audio cues alert the trainee as to where to look, adding substantially to the sense of realism the simulation system provides.

Barco’s IOSONO audio system has already proven its power to the market. First conceived for the cinema and entertainment market, its unique way of working makes it perfect for simulation as well. Contrary to existing approaches — which use fixed sound positioning — Barco’s IOSONO system uses real-time rendering of the sound to position it where it normally would be relative to the trainee’s position.

The IOSONO Core processor includes fast processing moving objects, such as human-generated noise, cars, and aircraft. The sound always follows the object, no matter how fast it is traveling, providing the audio cues needed to spot objects even when they are not in visual range.

Here are the product details.