Barco Adds 19K Lumen Projector Aimed at Rental and Staging

barco-HDX-4K20-0216Barco has added a new projector to its HDX line that’s aimed at large venues and events with a 3-chip DLP, 19,000-lumen 4K resolution model. The HDX-4K20 FLEX shares its lens range, ease of use, and modularity with the other HDX models and includes Barco’s FLEX feature have been expanded to offer both flexible brightness and flexible resolution on the new HDX-4K20 FLEX model. Shipping in June 2016, the HDX-4K20 FLEX is the first HDX projector with 4K resolution that’s being introduced, followed by the HDX-4K12 and HDX-4K14 models later this year.

The HDX-4K20 FLEX is delivered with Barco’s flexible brightness feature, which allows users to tune and lock the brightness level for a specific application – from 10,000 to 19,000 lumens in incremental steps. To make this projector even more versatile, the FLEX feature has been expanded to include flexible resolution, allowing customers to choose and lock in WUXGA, WQXGA or 4K UHD resolution.

Equipped with 3-chip DLP technology, a single high-brightness Xenon lamp, and a high-contrast optical engine, the HDX-4K20 FLEX has an all-new single-step processing technology that handles all of the latest resolutions and offers advanced image warping and edge blending with zero additional latency. Input capability includes HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, HDBaseT and quad 6G HDSDI.

Barco’s HDX, HDF, and HDQ ranges are aimed at events and large venues and are considered rugged projectors in a modular design of only five building blocks makes them easy to service. Equipped with rental frames, the projectors can easily be stacked or rigged. And, just like the other members of the RLM, HDX, HDF, and FLM projector families, the HDX-4K20 FLEX uses the TLD lens suite, so there’s no need for rental companies to replace their existing lens fleet. The new TLD+ 0.8-1.16:1 lens offers extreme 120% vertical lens shift capability, just like all current TLD+ lenses.

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Barco will debut the HDX-4K20 FLEX projector at the ISE trade show, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 9 – 12 February. You will find Barco at Hall 11, booth F100 or here.