BALD Launches Manual Kickstand for Large Displays

flatfrog-table-0815 flatgfrog-0815Have you ever had a customer ask for a large touchscreen that’s tiltable but could still be transportable for trade shows, rentals and lift-assisted work surfaces (like what architects have)?

Well, a small company called BALD Technologies has what they are calling a simple to use and transportable two-piece product that included a near edge to edge, permanently mounted frame married to a multi-port, brushed aluminum base secured by dual, quick release pins.


  • Power is not required to use/manipulate
  • Pre-determined ports allow for 90°, 75°, 60° and 45° tilt
  • Ultra wide, low profile, brushed aluminum footprint delivers an engineering showpiece
  • 20” deep base allows the use on standard depth desks/work surfaces
To see it in action, go here.