Balanced Audio Technology Intros New Amps at CEDIA 2014

balancedaudio-0914The VK-3000SE integrated amplifier from Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) serves as the heart of a music system, combining a vacuum-tube preamplifier and 150 watts-per-channel solid-state stereo amplifier into one component. The VK-3000SE employs balanced circuit topology, which BAT claims amplifies musical signals while blocking unwanted electronic noise, to ensure total signal purity.

The VK-3000SE is available in black or two-tone silver/ black finish and lists for $7,995 or $8,995 with phono stage.

The REX II Reference Linestage Preamplifier is what Balanced Audio Technology dubs an audio control center. It employs fully balanced circuitry and only a single Unistage gain stage to provide an unrestricted signal path with what the call “extraordinary sonic purity.”  BAT’s approach to a two-chassis design — basically, a power supply has a positive and negative phase. Without getting overly technical, the positive side generates less electronic noise than the negative side. The REX II places the negative side of the power supply away from the signal tubes, resulting in quiet operation where music emerges from a “black” background of silence. Conceptually, it’s explained here.

The preamplifier incorporates the 6H30 vacuum tube and custom-designed amorphous core output transformers rather than conventional output capacitors. Additional features include BAT SUPER-PAK custom oil capacitors, a proprietary electronic shunt volume control with 140 steps of 0.5dB resolution. Pricing is set at  $25,000.

The REX Power II Mono Power Amplifier features a fully symmetrical design from input to output with a high current, all-triode vacuum tube, zero-feedback topology. Think of it as two single-ended amplifiers per channel with their signals summed at the output transformer, a configuration that enables the use of a wide-bandwidth output transformer with low distortion. It uses custom oil capacitors in the power supply section for increased energy storage and spec’d at 160-watt power output, extended frequency response and a list price of $39,800 for monoblocks; it’s also available in 80-watt-per-channel stereo configuration at $19,900.

Here are the detailed specs.