Back to School Means Back to Church

church-kids-0812Back to school means back to church for many Americans. With the days of summer gone, families are regrouping and re-establishing routines — one of which is church attendance. Churches anticipate this every year and know they’ll receive a good bump in attendance. Families are the main demographic of every growing church and that means more event and activities for their kids.

How does this fact apply to you, the manufacturers and integrators selling into the house of worship market? In much the same way that retailers promote back-to-school, so too can theAVL industry promote updates and additions to family and kids ministry technologies. From adding projectors and flat panel displays in classrooms to upgrading audio systems in the youth spaces to new portable rack-mounted cabinet systems for securing technology, churches are looking for ways to engage their kids and youth in a technology-saturated culture.

Some churches have day care centers and schools attached to them, meaning those private entities (they’re almost always licensed facilities) have their own budgets and grants available to them that churches do not. From cost-saving total system control over lighting, HVAC and AVL technology to simple upgrades to dated technology, back-to-school means back to business for these organizations.

The house of worship market is truly an industry that is seemingly recession-proof (or at least recession-resistant). When the economy is good, people are generous with their finances to these trusted churches. When the economy is bad, people often look to their faith for guidance and support and give earnestly as they give their tithes and offerings in obedience to their faith. These churches value good stewardship, which means price matters, but value matters more. As I say all the time “good stewardship has less to do with how much money you save and more to do with how much money isn’t wasted. If you have to buy something three times to get it right, that’s not good stewardship.” This value proposition sits well with most churches and is a truth that adds value to what you can offer them: effective solutions!