We’re Back from DSE 2017 – The Largest Digital Signage Expo Ever


The 2017 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) was their biggest, ever. And, we covered it all here.

So, what’s there? We shot about 300 videos of new products from the show floor. These included a 55” OLED display (called Wallpaper) from LG Business Solutions that is the less than the thickness of a dime. BrightSign had all-new 4K media players — including an OPS one — and NEC showed a giant LCD, a infinite-resolution display solution, retail analytics that can tell who you are and a media player on a USB stick. Oh, and the show had the industry’s first analog digital signage display — uh, what? Go look at it — it’s from a company called BREAKFAST. 

We also took 300+ PHOTOS from the show floor and podcasted!

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