B-Tech Bring Curve to Video Walls and Menu Boards Mount Options

B-Tech AV Mounts has released an angled bracket that allows for creative, curved installations using its System X mounting technology. Dubbed the BT8390-AAC (Angle Adjustment Connector), the bracket fixes between two System X rails to provide an angled joint. With angle capability up to 45°, the connector is designed for assembling video walls and menu boards in curved configurations.

In addition to B-Tech’s angle adjustment connector, the company’s BT8333 curved menu board and new range of curved videowall stands will be available soon. The BT8373, BT8374, BT8375 and BT8376 utilize B-Tech’s range of bases to give freestanding, mobile and bolt down options and are pre-configured with B-Tech’s angled bracket.

B-Tech’s BT8390-AAC is available now and all the specs are here.