B-Tech AV Mounts Introduces New White Projector Mounts

BT899 W from belowB-Tech AV Mounts, a global supplier of professional AV mounting solutions unveiled several new models of projector mounts that allow for architects and interior decorators of new spaces to keep technology matched with building aesthetics in learning and corporate environments.

These go-to models are now available in an elegant white finish and can be paired with B-Tech’s System 2 line of 2” diameter mounting components such as drop piping and ceiling adjustments to ensure a clean and polished look upon installation.

The new line of white projector mounting solutions are now stocked in the United States with the following models. The BT899 is a projector mounting solution with a display weight capacity of 55 lbs. The BT899XL model features the same weight capacity, but a wider mounting plate to accommodate wider projector display models. A third model for white projectors with higher weight capacities (up to 155 lbs), the BT893, will be stocked and available for purchase in 2022.

The plan to include a secondary color option comes with heightened demand as new corporate working and educational learning spaces are being opened back up to students and workers. As new facilities open up, display technology will allow for users to interface with each other while still socially distancing. While corporate and learning environments are the focus of this new line, other markets such as entertainment venues and medical facilities can also improve their spaces with new, aesthetically friendly projector mounting solutions.

“We make globally recognized products that not only enhance and define the installation experience, but also cater to the needs of architects and building designers. Having this additional color option means that technology can be easily adapted to room environments without the pinnacle display technology being a distraction.” says Tiffany Dozier, Vice President of Sales.