B.M.C. Audio Introduces Integrated Amplifier

bmc 0113

bmc-0113Balanced Music Concept (B.M.C.) Audio’s new AMP CS2 is a stereo amplifier with a built-in option that automatically changes it from operating as an integrated amplifier with B.M.C.’s exclusive Load Effect Free (LEF) technology into a stereo power amplifier with LEF by connecting it to a B.M.C. digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The AMP CS2 delivers two channels of 200 watts. It’s housed in a sturdy aluminum chassis with large power and volume buttons and an easily read power meter.

One of a series of amplifiers B.M.C. developed exclusively for listening to music, the AMP CS2 also features a full package of B.M.C.’s exclusive technologies, including LEF Amplification, Current Injection (CI) and Discrete Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM). The amplifier outputs two channels of 200 watts into 8 ohms, and two channels of 360 watts into 4 ohms. A fully regulated power supply with a large 2kW toroidal transformer and energy storage by specially designed balanced current capacitors provide the muscle behind the music even as the amp itself runs cooler and more quietly than traditional class A designs. In addition, an electronic stabilization circuit filters voltage ripples and other disturbances out of the high power supply voltage, ensuring exceptional tranquility and dynamic stability.

The AMP CS2 lists for $8,390 and all the details are here: http://www.bmc-audio.com