Ayi Technology Launches Visually Stunning Ayi Smart Mirror on Kickstarter

Boston​ – Today, Ayi Technology launches the ​Ayi Smart Mirror​ on Kickstarter. The AI-powered, visually stunning smart mirror effortlessly blends into a home’s decor while providing the full functionality of a smart personal assistant. Unlike other products that offer AI personal assistance, the Ayi Smart Mirror’s elegant, borderless design provides an aesthetic that is unmatched in the market.

The Ayi Smart Mirror runs Instinct, a custom built operating system that comes with a suite of natively built AI-powered apps such as Ayi schedule, voice, and health. All native apps use machine learning techniques such as keyword extraction to improve user experience. Instinct is also capable of running Android apps that users can directly download from the Google Play store, and works with IFTTT for compatibility with existing smart home devices. Ayi’s beautiful 4K display gives users total control of integrated smart apps to listen to music, watch videos, check calendars, mark to-do lists, access other smart home products, including Nest, Philips Hue, and more. Users can either touch the display or use voice commands to take total control of the home.

“We were inspired by the use of ultra high-end smart home technology at select five star hotels in Asia,” said Eddy Zhong, creator of the Ayi Smart Mirror. “The smart home products integrated flawlessly into the hotel suite’s surroundings, but were not available at the consumer level. We set out to change that and created the Ayi Smart Mirror.”

At the heart of the Ayi Smart Mirror is its 32-inch borderless multitouch display, voice recognition software and a built-in personal assistant powered by AI. A native operating system powered by Android with full functionality gives users have the ultimate flexibility. Ayi Technology will also release an SDK kit for interested developers to create apps for Instinct.

The Ayi Smart Mirror is perfect for families because it is easily installed and offers multi-user functionality. Now, everyone in the home can access and use what they need with ease. The AI technology powering the Ayi Smart Mirror is ahead of the curve. With the ability to learn, the Ayi Smart Mirror will proactively help its users, not merely react to commands.

Experience augmented reality with the Ayi Smart Mirror. Considering a haircut or new style of glasses? Test it out by looking in the mirror. The possibilities are endless with Ayi Smart Mirror. The Ayi Smart Mirror is available to pre-order starting at $399 by visiting ​pr.go2.fund/ayi​.

About Ayi Technology

Ayi Technology is building products for the next generation of smart homes. By seamlessly integrating beautifully designed interfaces into everyday surfaces like mirrors, glass, and windows, Ayi believes that the future of the smart home is not seen, but sensed. For more information, visit ​http://www.ayimirror.com/​.