AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.23 Drops from Visix

Visix has released version 1.23 of its AxisTV Signage Suite enterprise digital signage platform. The release includes five new widgets, 64-bit OS support, enhanced workflows, improved interactive functionality, personal UI customization options, heightened sort and filter intelligence, expanded organizational tools and security policies, as well as the ability to customize every visual property for the company’s Touch room sign.

All applications included in the AxisTV Signage Suite platform have been converted to 64-bit so clients can show higher resolution video and more complex content. Version 1.23 also uses .NET Framework 4.8, which includes the latest security and cryptographic standards available.

The release includes expanded hierarchy policies for user accounts and permissions, and new security policy options including password rules, intrusion rules and auto-logout settings. Administrators can create new user accounts through an easy copy function, either manually or using Active Directory workflows and can also limit the message types assigned to individual users.

The CMS now allows greater visibility into playback performance, with options to receive notifications for system alarms when a player stops replicating content or stops updating its snapshot. Administrators can set how often players are scanned for alarm conditions using easy configuration settings. AxisTV Signage Suite users can now customize the software’s UI with their own preferences to choose what’s displayed or hidden in various areas of the CMS for a more personalized experience.

Version 1.23 also includes heightened sort and filter intelligence for more refined data mapping to external sources, such as calendars, XML or JSON, and easier configuration of data-triggered content using conditional logic.

The release also includes new tools to optimize touchscreen performance, with controls for how long an interactive hot spot is active, and how long before another hot spot can launch content. This prevents players from having to handle multiple touch requests at the same time by prioritizing interactions on a first-touched, first-launched basis.

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AxisTV Signage Suite v 1.23 includes enhancements to the fill-in-the-blank toolset and five new drag-and-drop widgets for content creators.

  • The new Media Directory widget lets clients create a mini playlist by pointing to a folder to play still and video media files from a network directory, which automatically updates content on screens when the local files change.
  • The new Fill-In Text Block widget allows designers to add fillable text blocks to any message or layout template. This gives content managers a quick way to allow others to contribute, while still controlling the branding and design of their screens.
  • The new Video Capture Card hardware widget can control HDMI capture cards present on Visix HDn players, letting customers display live video from set-top-boxes and other video sources.
  • The new Book Exchange widget and Event Calendar widget are part of the expanded functionality and design controls for the company’s Touch meeting room signs.

Using AxisTV Signage Suite, clients can publish schedules from their own calendar app to Touch room signs. Version 1.23 of the platform allows walk-up reservations at the sign for clients using Microsoft Exchange and Exchange 365. Because bookings at the sign are immediately shared with the calendar app, clients don’t have to worry about double bookings.

The latest software release also makes the Touch product the most customizable room sign in the world, with options to tailor every element of the on-screen playback and booking UI. Clients can choose the layout, background, fonts, colors and event properties shown on screen during schedule playback and can include interactivity to launch other content like wayfinding maps. Customers can also customize the room booking interface, with help from Visix’s creative services team.

Details on the AxisTV Signage Suite can be found here.

Touch meeting room signs are here.