AX Center is a Dedicated Thunderbolt Modular Audio Interface

ax center

AX Center is a dedicated Thunderbolt modular audio interface with dual Mic and Instrument inputs, dual Headphones and Monitors outputs, built-in PRO|MON monitors control with speaker EQ and two slots for DAD expansion cards. It comes with 256 Thunderbolt 3 channels, 256 Dante I/O channels, up to 192 MADI I/O channels and 16 ADAT channels, as well as onboard summing and processing.

AX Center is equipped with two key elements that allow it to be the centerpiece for audio conversion and the central point for monitor control. The first component is the PRO|MON section of the complimentary DADman control software, which gives access to a 512×64 channel summing processor, and the second component is the built-in SPQ processing that offers 128 channels with a total of 1024 EQ filters, as well as delay, making it the ideal solution for accurate speaker correction in the studio.

The internal routing matrix of the DADman software spans 984×984 channels, allowing any input to be routed to any output or even duplicated and routed to several different destinations simultaneously.

Finally, the Thunder|Core connection has a Hardware latency of only nine samples, 32-bit floating point resolution and is capable of handling up to 256 bidirectional channels at 48 and 96 kHz, 128 at 192 kHz and 64 channels at 384 kHz. It also supports Apple Silicon processors, macOS Big Sur and forward with a Core Audio driver, as well as Windows 10 and forward with an ASIO Thunder|Core driver.

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