AVPhenom’s InfoComm 22 Booth Visit List

This time of year you will see a lot of lists for InfoComm 22.

There are lists about what to pack and where to eat, as well as a litany of press releases touting “must see” products. There are more lists of events, dinners, tours, and shows outside the convention center. And on top of that, we all have a  mental list of all the people we’d like to meet or see again at the show.

So instead of creating a list of booths I think everyone should visit, I thought I’d share my personal list the ones I will make sure to stop at while I’m in Vegas and a couple reasons, professional, personal or both, that I’ll be stopping by.

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West Hall- (From front to back and left to right)

Legrand W903- Chief, Da-Lite, Mid-Atlantic, Vaddio and C2G. It’s 4 stops in one with everything from mounts to screens to equipment racks to cameras to power management to signal extension to furniture. Plus I have a ton of friends here based on working for these brands for 4 years.

Crestron W603- This will be a drive by for me honestly. I know what’s in there. I know how it’s used. I’ll scan for new items, get quick info, and move on. That is if they bring product this year.

Black Magic Design W923- With the rise of XR studios and grassroots broadcast, this is always a must for me.

Leon Speakers W637– Noah is a mad genius and his customized products look and sound amazing.

Neat W747– The Smart Gallery features in Zoom are of importance.

QSC W947- The 3rd party app ecosystem being built out for CORE systems is extremely interesting to me, as well as mic based PTZ switching. They also just changed their channel strategy and added an insane amount of well known faces to their team.

AIMS 1067- The new IPMX Video over IP standard sponsored by SMPTE is new and interesting to me. I’d like to get the downlow in person.

HD Distributing W1275- I’m planning to say Hi to my old teammates and support their InfoComm debut. They have a couple unique LED products that they’re distributing for flexible and interactive LED applications. Oh, and they’re having beer in the booth in the afternoons, so that’s not bad either!

HP W1156- With the recent acquisition of Poly, I’d like to see what their messaging is.

Barco W1203- New LED product and old friends. ‘Nuff said.

Zoom W1523- Zoom has their own show and event, but it’s worth stopping by their booth to see what’s new.

Alleo W1677- Persistent workspace and collaboration software.

Xyte W1777- I don’t know much about them but Randy Klein is now involved and Gary Kayye said to pay attention to them.

Pexip W1977– Soft codec interoperability.

Logitech W2035- One of the fastest growing brands in AV over the last 2 years. The mouse has become an elephant (pun intended).

AVI-SPL W1937My new home and where I’ll be working several hours during the show. Come say hi to discuss and see some experiential technology in action.

Lightware W1831– Truly uncompressed 20Gbps signal capabilities and conference room switchers with USB.

Starin W1903- Two of my professional mentors: Chris Neto and Malissa Dillman. I owe them at least a visit and a nod and they carry great products like DTEN and Aver too.

Shure W2003- The MX920 capabilities are promising for conference room automation and their microphone discussion system is worth exploring too.

Biamp W2603- They have some unique capabilities in their Modena products I need to explore more.

Sonance W2747- Because of their relationship with Spatial Inc (immersive audio software) and my relationship with San Clemente.

Holoplot W3146- They have immersive and discreet audio technology and I’m on AVIXA LIVE with Miguel from their team.


North Hall- (From front to back and left to right)

Peerless AV N2831- Bespoke LED mounting structures

AVIXA Xchange Live N2845– check the schedule of the show happening live here (hint: I’ll be there Thursday at 9 AM)

Nanolumens N2963- Probably the best mass market partner in LED for custom projects that need curves, curtains, or custom overlays.

Advanced Mounting and Design N2563– They make bespoke LED mounting structures and Will Paredes is a great guy.

Jupiter Systems N2345- Panoramic, 21:9 format displays for enhanced teams rooms and digital signage applications.

tvOne N2523– Video processing and extension from Magenta, tvOne, and Green Hippo.

LG N2029- Flexible and transparent OLED are the main reasons I’ll go here

Phillips N2021- They’re hiring a ton of people I know, so I’m now curious about a brand I had dismissed honestly.

Sony N1513– CLED and the AI edge appliance are the main draws.

Absen N1112– XR studio demo

Brightsign N735– New high end players with Open GL