AVPhenom “First to Market” Glasses-Free 3D UHD TV

Phenom2Last month, AVPhenom, Founder, President and CEO of PHENOMinal Industries, took the audio world by storm with the world’s FIRST 4k speakers.  Now rAVe Publications has learned that Phenom plans to make another product introduction just in time for Christmas.  We caught up with Phenom to ask about his “First to Market” Glasses-Free 3D UHD TV.

rAVe- It has been a busy couple months for you.  It sounds like you have another product introduction coming here at the end of 2014.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Phenom- Yes, new product development can be tireless and thankless work in the beginning, as you have to keep all your efforts under wraps.  Now is the exciting time however as we will be “First to Market” Glasses-Free 3D UHD TVs just in time for Christmas.

rAVe- In a way that sounds exciting, but you have been a critic of 3D TV in the past and 3D did not exactly break new sales ground the last time it was reintroduced.  Why do you think you product will be different?

Phenom- Great question.  3D suffered for a few reasons last time around.  One of the main ones was that active 3D glasses were very expensive and passive 3D systems with FPRs cut the brightness and effective resolution per eye of the screens on the market.  This coupled with lack of content really put the kibosh on 3D in general.  My new UHD screens will not suffer from either of these previous issues as they can play any standard content in 3D and are glasses-free”.

rAVe- We’ve seen glasses-free TV in the past where Phillips used lenticulars in 3840 x 2160p displays to create auto-stereoscopic images.  However, content creation was a major issue there and effective resolution was really split in two.  Is this just a revival of that technology?

Phenom- Not at all.  Our screens use no lenticulars and do not need custom content nor do they manipulate existing content AT ALL to create the 3D effects and resolution is full UHD (2160p).

rAVe- That sounds like a huge improvement!

Phenom- Well it is. In the past nearly all 3D technology (except light field displays from companies like Holografika) was stereoscopic.  Content was composed of two separate 2D images playing simultaneously (whether interpolated, side by side, frame sequential, etc).  These displays tricked the eye into seeing depth where none existed.

rAVe- So I assume your displays work differently?

AVPhenom- Yes.  Our displays can create 2-3 inches of depth in the picture itself in certain areas of the screens and are content agnostic.  The pictures extend physically 2-3 inches into the room!

rAVe- Wait.  Red flag.  You said content in certain areas of the screen.  Can you dive deeper into that statement.

AVPhenom- Sure.  The edges of the left and right edges of the screen produce the most 3D and the effects decrease as you reach the center from both sides.  Like I stated before, stereoscopic content just used the traditional width (x-axis) and height (y-axis) of the screen with only an imaginary depth (z-axis).  My screens physically protrude into the room on each side creating a radius-ed effect that actually results in the picture at the edges occupying a different z-axis coordinate than the images at other locations.  This is the definition of 3D.

rAVE- So your screen is curved?

AVPhenom- Exactly!

rAVe- So how does the TV differ from Samsung’s curved UHD TV offering?

AVPhenom- It doesn’t, in fact we are planning to buy the panels from the same factory.

rAVE- Samsung’s screens have been out for some time, so how is yours the first to market?

AVPhenom- Oh.  I think you were confused.  I’m not the first to BRING these screens to market.  I’m the “First to Market” curved screens as “Glasses-Free 3D UHD TV.”  We all know that the company with the best hype wins.  I was honestly surprised none of the other manufacturers thought about exploiting this technicality yet.  

rAve- (Reporter shakes head)

AVPhenom- I know!  Genius, huh?

AVPhenom’s PHENOMinal Industries has announced that these screens will hit the market on Brown Thursday which somehow seems quite fitting.