Avocor Introduces X Series All-in-One LED for High-End Corporate and Retail Spaces

2.14 Avocor

Avocor introduced the X Series, an all-in-one large-format LED. The X Series designed for high-end corporate environments as well as retail spaces. With two size options available, 132” (21:9) and 138” (16:9), the Avocor X Series is powered by a built-in processor, the same used in Avocor’s commercial collaboration displays.

Here’s a video we shot of it at ISE 2024:

The Avocor X Series includes:

  • Front Panel USB-C Port
  • Ultra-Slim Screen: At only 31mm thick
  • High Integration Design: Ensures that the system is not reliant on complex external devices
  • Adaptive Brightness: Automatically adjusts screen brightness to suit ambient light conditions
  • Simple Wall Mounting Installation: Just takes a few hours
  • Mobile Stand Installation Option: Provides flexibility in positioning and movement

The Avocor X Series will be available globally in Q2 2024 and here are all the specs: