Avocor Announces Its Own Aquarius WorkSpace Intelligence Software

avocorAvocor announced its own Aquarius WorkSpace Intelligence software. This subscription-based service (SaaS) works with Avocor’s new AVW-6555 Windows collaboration display that’s Microsoft Teams certified, and the all-in-one AVW-5555 interactive display; both with integrated Azure IoT sensors. Avocor Aquarius provides real-time business intelligence of meeting spaces usage and environmental data, such as presence detection, attendee impact on room temperature, humidity and light conditions. This data all contributes to meeting room well-being and can be leveraged by enterprise IT and facility management to make critical decisions about current space management, find real-time cost savings in heating and cooling and future hardware and software purchases. Avocor Aquarius is available now.

Avocor says that Aquarius WorkSpace Intelligence does not require extensive sensor deployment, custom development or service contracts. Instead, Avocor Aquarius is a subscription-based service that automatically pulls data from an Avocor W-Series display, which features integrated Azure IoT sensors, and creates a simple-to-read, real-time dashboard with information that will support data-driven decision-making. Avocor Aquarius software provides intelligence for more than 30 room and product elements, including the number of meetings and attendees, to average temperature change during a meeting, to W-series display power usage and unit status. The data gleaned from WorkSpace Intelligence allows facilities and IT managers to take immediate action to reevaluate the meeting room, UC hardware and software ROI as well as guide future planning, which is especially helpful for return-to-work and hybrid-work planning we see around the world right now.

Beyond providing useful data, Avocor Aquarius is fast, secure, and easy to deploy. Adding WorkSpace Intelligence is as simple as installing the display. Simply complete the initial set up, log-in to a WorkSpace Intelligence account and add the display, which not only adds Avocor Aquarius WSI to the displays, but also makes Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades available at any time.

WorkSpace Intelligence is now available for all Avocor W-Series displays for $39 per month and $399 per year.