Avocor Announces G Series Edge-to-Edge Displays Without Bezel

avocor g series 1

Avocor today announces its G series, a new product family of no-bezel, edge-to-edge interactive displays for collaboration. Available in 65”, 75” and 85”, the G series collaboration displays feature Avocor UiQ single-button touch interface and the latest generation of Avocor InGlass Intelligent Touch.

With native 4K resolution, 30-bit color, and 500 nits of brightness, the G series screens are backlit by industrial-grade LEDs and glass bonded with zero parallax and anti-glare but also have what the company calls an “advanced object recognition” that allows users to switch seamlessly from a pen, finger and palm on an ad-hoc basis. The Avocor UIQ interface, which features a customizable start screen, remote-free menu and over-the-air firmware updates, includes built-in Doppler proximity sensors to awaken the display upon detection of movement and trigger power-save mode in its absence.

Here’s a video about them:

The G series displays feature a thin-framed no-bezel, edge-to-edge design that measures as thin as 4.5 inches deep. A Type-C port offers single-cable 4K video, audio, USB touch, Ethernet and power, while three top-edge USB ports provide easy access for guest connections and a camera. Speakers are onboard to provide 40W audio output and far-field, beam-forming microphones with more than 15-foot range.

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Avocor G series displays in 65” and 75” sizes are available now via a global network of distribution and reseller partners. The G series 85” display will be available worldwide in February 2022.