Avocor and Miro Announce Partnership To Optimize User Experience With Avocor Devices

Avocor and Miro announce strategic partnershipAvocor announced its strategic partnership with Miro for better built-in collaboration on Avocor Devices. Miro currently works on Avocor devices, and the partnership solidifies their intention to jointly develop an optimized user experience for in-person and hybrid collaboration.

“Hybrid work environments are now more common now than ever before. Organizations of all types are redefining ways of working to ensure team collaboration is highly productive and engaging,” said Kevin Chung, VP of business development and partnerships at Miro. “A new strategic partnership with Avocor, one of the fastest-growing global interactive display companies, helps bridge the gap between online and physical collaboration while providing a truly delightful and interactive Miro experience on Avocor’s devices.”

The companies say they have plans to invest in future enhancements such as the pre-installation of the Miro app and the one-click launch of Miro on Avocor devices.

“The way in which human interaction is facilitated through technology is rapidly changing and at the same time expanding,” said Dana Corey, SVP and GM at Avocor. “It is vital that organizations focus on designing and implementing modalities of interaction/collaboration that work together to ensure optimal experiences for customers. This is why Avocor and Miro have partnered in the effort to proactively focus on user experiences that enable instinctual interaction through optimized solution design architecture.”