Avnu Alliance Opens TSN Test Tool Program to New Vendors

avnu alliance tsn tool

Avnu Alliance announced expansion of its time sensitive networking (TSN) Test Tool program by opening the test tool ecosystem to new vendors. As part of this expansion, third party vendor test tools can be verified and validated through Avnu’s rigorous process, which is designed and maintained by experienced certification management professionals and TSN subject matter experts to ensure that it meets the interoperability standards of Avnu’s Global Certification Program.

During the 8th annual TSN/A Conference, which takes place Sept. 28-29, 2022, in Stuttgart, Germany, Avnu will host demonstrations in its booth of wired and wireless TSN tests for 802.1AS and 802.1Qbv based on test plans from the Avnu Express Testing Suite. These tests will be run on both the Avnu Express Test Tool and Keysight’s new TSN Test Tool, which has now met the requirements to start the Avnu Global Certification Program validation and verification process to become an Avnu endorsed Test Tool. When approved by Avnu, Keysight’s TSN Test Tool will be available to members for both debugging and quick test certification.

“Adding new test tools, such as Keysight’s TSN Test Tool to the testing ecosystem, significantly expands the certification program providing more choice and a wider variety of test types to members,” says Ed Agis, Avnu Alliance Certification work group co-chair overseeing the TSN Test Tool program and verification and validation process. “Test tools significantly lower the barrier for certification and allow members to enter the certification process with more confidence. Now, with the expanded program, we invite vendors to join Avnu as a test tool member and submit their test tool for verification and validation. The expanded ecosystem will be a powerful catalyst for the growth of available wired and wireless TSN products.”

Already available to Avnu members, the Avnu Express Test Tool is a low-cost, entry-level evaluation test tool that allows members to internally verify if a device will pass certification tests before submitting to testing. The Avnu Express Test Tool claims to provide valuable insights into the product that can be used to optimize and debug product development, increasing the probability of certification success and saving manufacturers time, resources and money. Vendors can also use the test tool, which bundles test control and test engine software along with a set of hardware equipment, to verify the performance of end devices using Certified modules.

Next week at the TSN/A Conference, Avnu Alliance members are presenting various sessions on topics ranging from Wireless TSN interoperability and testing and 802.1 TSN standards updates to TSN testbed updates. Avnu President, Greg Schlechter, Board Member Henning Kaltheuner, and Silicon Validation Work Group Chair, Jordon Woods will present a keynote session on September 29 about common characteristics of secured converged networks and mixed criticality workloads.