AVnu Alliance Grows Automotive Membership

avnu-0413Beaverton, Ore., June 23, 2015 – AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open standards deterministic networking through certification, welcomes two new members to support the increased focus on automotive Ethernet technology. Excelfore is promoting an array of new products to drive Audio Video  Bridging / Time Sensitive Networking (AVB/TSN) for Automotive applications and Mentor Automotive, a division of Mentor Graphics has also joined the alliance to provide its expertise in AVB/TSN to automotive Ethernet applications.

Fremont, CA-based Excelfore has been developing AVB products since 2010, and brings that experience and insight to AVnu Alliance. Excelfore comes to AVnu Alliance with a line-up of AVB/TSN products including: an H.264 enabled AVB Camera and AVB stack for a Smart Tuner, Audio, Diagnostics Tools and Multi-Monitor Sync solutions.

“Our ability to develop and license AVB/TSN solutions for Automotive and Professional Audio/Video environments has enabled us to launch high-quality products for our customers with a faster time to market. In joining the AVnu Alliance, we will work to enhance the standardization of AVB/TSN and commit to developing and promoting conformant, standardized AVB Software components and solutions,” said Shrinath Acharya, CEO of Excelfore. “We believe our expertise in AVB/TSN video development combined with our continued expansion into other AVB/TSN products will help to further the Alliance’s goals.”

Mentor Automotive joins AVnu to help promote initiatives within the automotive segment.Mentor Automotive is a global provider of design automation tools and embedded software for the automotive industry. The company has introduced automotive Ethernet solutions addressing vehicle network design, ECU embedded software, Infotainment platforms, advanced multi-media and diagnostics over IP.

The addition of Excelfore and Mentor Automotive represent the automotive industry’s increased recognition of the benefits of Ethernet AVB/TSN inside the vehicle as the connected car gains traction.

“We are happy to continue to grow the Automotive segment within the alliance with the addition of Excelfore and Mentor Automotive,” said Gary Stuebing, AVnu Alliance President. “AVnu Alliance fosters aecosystem by working with our growing consortium of industry leading members for innovative network applications.”

AVnu Alliance members represent all facets of automotive technology such as OEMs, silicon manufacturers, Tier 1 technology suppliers and middleware providers. These members are helping to build momentum for AVB in the auto industry and thus the Alliance has made significant steps toward constructing a true ecosystem for fully-interoperable in-vehicle infrastructure.  AVnu Alliance expects to open certification testing for Automotive AVB devices later this year.

If you are interested in joining AVnu Alliance or finding out more, please contact administration@AVnu.org.