Avlex Corporation Announces MIPRO Digital Wireless Tour Guide and Language Interpretation Systems

mtg-100c-12mtg-1216Avlex Corporation introduces the MIPRO MTG-100 Digital Wireless Tour Guide System and the MTS-100 Digital Wireless Language Interpretation System. Designed to be ultra-compact, lightweight, durable, and easy to use, the MTG-100 and MTS-100 systems deliver true digital performance that provides crystal-clear audio quality, secure and reliable transmission, and are interference free — making them exceptional choices for guided tour use, assistive listening and language interpretation applications.

The MIPRO MTG-100 and MTS-100 systems both operate in the 900MHz band and are designed to be easy to set up and provide intuitive operation. Both systems are frequency agile and digitally encrypted — ensuring true digital, crystal clear audio performance. With 16 preset channels to choose from, both the MTG-100 and MTS-100 facilitate up to four simultaneous tours or the ability for four tour guides to communicate with their patrons in four different languages on the same tour, each experiencing trouble-free operation at the same venue.

Featuring Lithium rechargeable battery and AA battery-powered components, both the MTG-100 and MTS-100 systems are designed for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use. These systems provide an outdoor operating range upwards of 100 meters (330 feet) line-of-sight. Equally notable, both systems offer switchable RF output, with settings for low, medium and high.

The new MIPRO MTG-100 and MTS-100 systems offer a comprehensive assortment of components designed to enable any organization to select those items best suited to their specific requirements. These include both stationary and portable digital receivers and transmitters.  Stationary systems also offer a choice of three antennas. Microphone choices include gooseneck, headset, and lavaliere in addition to the availability of an adapter that enables the use of condenser microphones. Monitoring choices include both stereo and single earphones as well as stereo earbuds.

Optional charging bays are available in four-slot configurations that can be conveniently mounted in a charging rack. For the utmost convenience and security, MIPRO also provides a choice of storage and charger carrying cases designed to accommodate either 12- or 28-slot configurations. These cases enable the facility to store and charge the transmitters and receivers in one all-inclusive case that not only features charging bays and storage for headsets and earbuds, but also incorporates a Sync button to coordinate the frequency of the components.

Here are more specs.