Aviom Demos 64 Channel Audio Over CAT5

Aviom showed Pro64 at InfoComm. Pro64 is a line of audio networking products that distribute multiple channels of audio to as many locations as desired. A Pro64 system can distribute audio without being restricted by the physical locations of inputs and outputs or the direction of the signal flow. In Auto Mode, up to 64 channels (24 bits, 48kHz) are distributed throughout the entire network. Channels can be input anywhere in the system and output everywhere, regardless of network topology and layout.

A-Net Pro64 also supports a more traditional bidirectional mode of operation with two 64-channel audio streams, one in each direction. Both streams are available in every module. So inputs can be transmitted in either or both directions, and outputs can be drawn from either stream. Because new channels can be added to a selected stream at any time, there is no practical limit to the total number of channels in a Pro64 system, says the company.
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