AVidea Group Launches iminate to Simplify Smart Homes and Buildings

Melbourne, FL – April 10, 2018 –  AVidea Group (AViG), a consumer electronics manufacturer, is pleased to announce the introduction of iminate to the professional installation market. iminate will be shown for the first time in booth N3227 at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In a move that is all too infrequent in the industry, iminate is being launched only after the products are in production with shipping set for June 2018. With more than a century in the home automation industry, the AVidea team wanted to create a smart home solution that would be easy, affordable and set up quickly.

Manufactured in Vietnam, iminate’s full suite of 14 products include electronic dimmers and motor controllers, door and window sensors, occupancy sensors, user interface devices, third party system interfaces, smart phone apps and a browser-based management dashboard. The system provides a host of unique features with the primary function of simplifying energy management and automation. All the control devices report energy usage in real-time. iminate requires no hub, meaning one product works by itself as well as it does as part of a system – so the system is easily scalable.

“We are excited to finally announce the launch of iminate,” said Joseph Howell, the chief executive officer of AVidea Group. “After three years in development, the mission with iminate is to provide robust, reliable automation products that simplify everything, all while being the low-cost provider in the market allowing dealers to increase profitability. While many OEM customers are taking advantage of our technology around the world, this is the first time it’s being offered to the installation community.”

In addition to providing a flexible suite of products that fulfill most automation functions, iminate also interfaces with hundreds of third party systems (from window shades to door locks to irrigation systems and many more); provides voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Assistant; and will control your Sonos system.

Visit iminate in booth N3227 at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Keep up with the latest from iminate on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit www.iminate.com for more information.