AVI Systems Announces Velocity Meeting Space Systems for MS Teams Rooms

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AVI Systems announced new Velocity meeting space systems designed to meet Microsoft Teams Rooms hybrid optimization specifications. The AVI Systems Velocity Signature systems feature 21:9 aspect high-definition displays, a click-to-join touch panel control system and options including Surface Hub and whiteboard cameras to simplify collaboration. Velocity Signature systems are available for small, medium and large meeting rooms and customers can subscribe to the technology on a monthly basis or purchase the technology.

AVI has partnered with Legrand to combine optimal furniture (work surfaces in a variety of shapes as well as seating options) with the audiovisual technology needed to support hybrid optimization in a meeting space. Velocity Signature features 81-inch and 105-inch widescreen displays as well as a 130-inch projection system for large meeting rooms. In addition, a 50-inch Surface Hub collaboration display, whiteboard camera, scheduling panels and customer care are available as options.

By combining the technology and meeting room furniture needs into a single order, organizations obtain a fully functional meeting room installed by AVI Systems available for use immediately when installation is complete.

Microsoft created its hybrid optimized room designs and AVI Systems has used its own expertise to bundle technology and furniture that meets the needs of small, medium and large rooms. Today, hybrid-optimized rooms should be available in roughly 20% of all meeting spaces, but this number will shift based on workplace culture.

Hybrid-optimized Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to enhance the user experience for both remote and in-office work teams. These systems typically feature intelligent cameras to improve meeting equity, wider displays, collaboration tools like Surface Hub and uniquely shaped tables to enhance face-to-face experiences.

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Standard AVI Velocity systems are also available that support both Microsoft Teams and Zoom environments. These systems feature 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch 16:9 displays, Chief Tempo mounting systems and a variety of options.