AVI-SPL Intros Privacy Features for Meetings

BlockMe-0114AVI-SPL has introduced two new features addressing the increased concern by customers about unauthorized video calls into meeting rooms. AVI-SPL’s expanded solution portfolio allows clients in varying industries to easily incorporate privacy safeguards into their day-to-day conferencing experiences.

VNOC Symphony Automated Room Shutdown: VNOC Symphony’s Business Processes Automation Module hinders uninvited guests from seeing or hearing what is happening in a conference room by automatically performing a series of shutdown procedures after every video meeting. This is available to AVI-SPL Video Managed Service customers as a part of their meeting process.

The Block ME device is for customers who want a more tangible way to ensure privacy in their meeting environments. This small device enables the users in the room to simply press one button to block any video calls from being launched or received in the room they are in. The device can easily be installed in any video conference room, doesn’t require programming or a control panel and cannot be accessed remotely. The patent pending design allows the video endpoint to continue to be monitored so it does not cause unwarranted alarms to network operations team.

Here are all the specs.