AVI-SPL Medical’s Mommy’s Hear Connects Mothers to Infants in the NICU

AV industryrave-mommyshear-0413 professionals know AVI-SPL as the world’s largest video communications technology integrator. They specialize in providing solutions and services for professional AV installation, telepresence and videoconferencing, digital media systems, managed conferencing and content production. AV industry professionals know this.

But, what many industry professionals don’t know (and what I certainly didn’t know until recently) is the best kept secret of AVI-SPL that is AVI-SPL Medical.

AVI-SPL Medical has been around for over a decade — 13 years, to be exact. The division has pioneered designs in integrating technology into minimally invasive surgical environments, intraoperative MRI surgical suites, specialized procedure rooms, interactive medical collaboration, 3D visualization, clinical audio video networks, monitored care and a variety of TeleHealth presentation systems.

They essentially standardized the platform for the fully integrated operating room. In fact, over the past 13 years, AVI-SPL medical has integrated technology into over 3,000 operating rooms across North America.

While AVI-SPL has been branding and is now essentially manufacturing medical technology for awhile, there was one particular piece of technology that I was floored by. It’s called Mommy’s Hear, AVI-SPL’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit monitoring system.

Mommy’s Hear provides 24-hour virtual interaction with infants undergoing treatment in the NICU. This Class 3 medical device takes video, transmits that video and allows mothers (and fathers, friends or other family members) to see the incubated infant remotely via their computer, smart phone or tablet.

rave-mommyshear2-0413They can talk to, read to, sing to and interact with the baby from anywhere. In fact, the audio inside the incubator is clearer with Mommy’s Hear than it would be if interaction were occurring in person. In person, the sound would be muffled by the incubator, but with Mommy’s Hear, the sound is crisp and clear for the infant.

The other thing that is incredible about the technology itself is the actual visibility within the incubator. Most NICUs and, specifically incubators, are very dark. The camera included in Mommy’s Hear actually reduces visual noise and provides an amazingly clear (and rather bright) image for the viewer. I was able to see a live demonstration of Mommy’s Hear in Tampa, Florida a few weeks ago and I was absolutely blown away.

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Why is this technology so innovative and so important? For many reasons.

First, parents already feeling the strain, stres, and worry of having a new child in the NICU can now be fully connected with their baby when they aren’t even there. Many pre-term babies are required to stay in the NICU from anywhere from a week all the way up to sometimes six or seven months. Being able to see and connect with a child in the NICU is vital to the parents.

Second, allowing parents and family members to connect with their baby via Mommy’s Hear actually frees up space within the NICU. In most hospitals, the NICU isn’t a large department or area of the hospital and doesn’t allow for many visitors at a time. Mommy’s Hear cuts down on the need for more frequent in-person visitation and gives doctors and nurses much needed breathing room.

Third, introducing maternal sounds INTO the incubator dramatically reduces further health risks and problems. A recent study published by the Journal of Maternity-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine shows that the introduction of those maternal sounds can significantly reduce cardio-respiratory events common with premature infants and can actually aid in the child’s development by promoting accelerated weight gain when compared to children without this particular stimuli.

Mommy’s Hear has already been integrated in NICUs at Texas Health, but is rapidly becoming a must-have product for hospitals across the world. It is a complete solution with software and hardware. But at the end of the day, everything hinges on money. When will hospitals have room for this technology in their budgets? The sooner that happens, the sooner families and babies will be able to connect during a vital time.

For more information about Mommy’s Hear, contact AVI-SPL Medical.

Molly Stillman is the director of marketing and new business development for rAVe [Publications]. Reach her at molly@ravepubs.com