AVI-SPL Launches Rapid Rooms to Accelerate Workplace Collaboration

AVI-SPL today unveiled Rapid Rooms, a strategic system that optimizes meeting room deployment by intelligently recognizing organizational needs and matching them with the most suitable AV and UC technology, in ready-to-order bundles. With a first of its kind AV-as-a-service model for hardware, software, and managed service contract wrapped into one, fixed, monthly fee, AVI-SPL Rapid Rooms include planned refresh cycles to remedy lifecycle management and technology obsolescence.

Rapid Rooms allows for installation within 45 days. AVI-SPL says its Rapid Rooms resolve common interoperability challenges, have intuitive interfaces for easy adoption and provide quick on-boarding to AVI-SPL’s remote monitoring platform Symphony to ensure an optimal meeting experience at all times.

AVI-SPL’s Rapid Rooms’ ready-to-order, all-in-one bundle includes design, integration, installation and programming services, AVI-SPL’s Customer Care support, as well as all applicable AV and UC hardware and software from today’s leading manufacturers. Prior to deployment, Rapid Rooms offers quick quoting for standard room configurations and a functional drawings tool to help customers visualize their collaboration spaces.

The new Rapid Rooms are a subset of AVI-SPL’s suite of Smart Spaces is here.