AVI-SPL Earns Cisco Customer Experience Specialization Certification

AVI SPL earns Cisco Customer Experience Specialization CertificationAVI-SPL has earned the Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Specialization certification. With this certification, Cisco recognizes how AVI-SPL’s managed services successfully connect customers with technology to elevate user experience and create new business value. AVI-SPL also recently earned the Cisco Advanced Enterprise Network Specialization in the U.S. and Cisco Advanced Collaboration Specialization in the U.K.

“Achieving Cisco CX Specialization was paramount for us,” said Tim Riek, executive vice president of technology and innovation. “This certification aligns with AVI-SPL’s mission to elevate experiences, achieve customer objectives, and enable organizations to thrive and grow.”

To earn this Cisco specialization, AVI-SPL participated in a detailed application process, including a third-party audit of its overall customer experience and customer success strategy. The qualification process included a review of the company’s go-to-market approach, qualified personnel, standard operating procedures, technologies and tools to track and improve the customer journey.

“AVI-SPL and Cisco are similarly customer-centric,” said Tom Nyhus, AVI-SPL Cisco practice director. “The new Cisco CX specialization honors that mission for customer success and validates the value we create together through enhanced employee experience, top-rated enterprise security, and streamlined technology management.”

The AVI-SPL Cisco customer experience team engages in the early stages of every project to identify business use cases, desired outcomes and key success metrics. They then customize for each customer a journey map for measurable milestones and success. They also aid in removing barriers to adoption and work to accelerate the time from perceived value to realized value.