AVI-SPL and Igloo Vision showcase a new immersive workspace solution at ISE

49492175073 63464ed9d8 kThrough a new partnership between AVI-SPL and Igloo Vision, any meeting room or
office space can double-up as an immersive workspace – enabling teams of people to
engage with a complete range of immersive enterprise applications.

AVI-SPL, a global digital workplace services provider, and Igloo Vision, the shared virtual
reality (VR) company, have partnered to create a new immersive workspace solution, which
is on show at AVI-SPL stand #11-C155 during Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in
Amsterdam from 11-14 February 2020.

UK-based Igloo Vision creates 360° immersive projection environments, such as domes,
cylinders and cubes, which enable users to engage with any type of 360°, virtual reality (VR)
or immersive content. It is a bit like stepping into a giant VR headset and, because entire
teams can get inside, it is ideal for collaborative teamwork. Clients such as Accenture, BP,
Dell, Microsoft and NTT have installed Igloo systems in their offices and innovation hubs.

Through the partnership with AVI-SPL, it is now possible to retrofit the Igloo technology in
any existing room, irrespective of its size, shape, or dimensions. This means that any
meeting room or office space can now double-up as an immersive workspace. For ISE, the
two companies have equipped a 15-foot by 8-foot meeting room with the solution, and are
showcasing a range of immersive content and use cases. For example, 360° videos and
presentations will be used to outline the concept, web-based analytics platforms allow teams
to interrogate data, tools such as Revizto and Autodesk can be used for collaborative design
reviews and rapid prototyping, and a range of Unity- and Unreal-based software can be used
for immersive training applications.

The solution enables the emerging trend for immersive workspaces, which is being
discussed by several technology analysts and service providers. For example, Gartner has
named immersive workspaces as a technology CIOs should be actively investigating in
2020, and suggests that “immersive technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality are
ready for mainstream businesses for training and immersive conference room services”.
Also, in its technology predictions for 2020, NTT talks of immersive, responsive ‘phygital’
spaces, where the physical world blends with the digital.

A core component of the offering is the ICE Box, Igloo’s custom-built media server. Whereas
systems integrators have traditionally relied on a standard AV server to create immersive
installations, the ICE Box offers a wide range of additional Shared VR functionality – for
example, integration with game engines and visualisation tools (which you get from Igloo
Realtime), the ability to play content simultaneously in headsets on immersive screens
and the Igloo (which you get from Igloo VR Spectator), the ability to interface with a range of
VR controllers (which you get with Igloo Interact), and the ability to display web pages and
cloud-based content (which you get from Igloo Web).

To deliver the solution commercially, AVI-SPL and Igloo Vision will use a combination of
Lidar scanning and artificial intelligence to map a room, create a bespoke projection
template, specify the right projectors and projection points, and configure the Igloo Media
Player. This will enable the process of retrofitting an existing space to be largely automated
and industrialised, which minimises the cost and speeds up the installation process.
The partnership combines Igloo’s Shared VR expertise with AVI-SPL’s global reach, its
credentials as a digital workplace services provider, and its client relationships, including
over 80% of Fortune 100 companies.

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