AVF’s T526 RDY2GO Table Is Industry’s Most ‘Huddle-Ready’

avf1-0315 avf2-0315Audio Video Furniture has designed the perfect huddle room. Dubbed the T526 RDY2GO it seats up to 6-people and it features a slim base – which houses PC components, switchers, DAs and even accommodates cable management — and, best of all, it allows for custom cutouts for accommodating your electronics grommets/cubby’s for easy plug in of laptops or USB keys filled with content that you’d send to your display (positioned at one end of the table).

Speaking of the end of the table — where your display fits — that side of the huddle-ready T526 is built with an integrated monitor-mount wall (oh, by the way, they throw in the mount – choose either their single-S, dual-D or single-XL) that can accommodate one (up to 90″) or two displays up to 70″ — dual-display allows for it to be a collaborative Huddle-room or even for videoconferencing.

In the center of the table, there’s an island that can be used to house concealed input/output cables and power supplies and the table, itself, is 48″ wide x 85″ deep. And, you can put two back-to-back and have two huddle-rooms in one pace.

The T526 RDY2GO is viable in eight different laminates including grays, woodgrains and black or white. All the detailed specs are here.