AVF Debuts Industry’s First SMART kapp Mobile Stand — Also Handles 80″ LCDs

avf-smartkapp-0415Audio Video Furniture (AVF) has debuted what is believed to be the SMART kapp’s first mobile stand. Dubbed the AVF SYZ84, the stand uses modern ball-bearing wheels that allow it to be easily moved all around a facility. The hollow, center-mounted column has grommets both in the top and bottom for passing cables inside — giving the stand a clean aesthetic and making it convenient to distribute all the connected cabling as well as power. Available in white & black metal it comes in two configurations, SYZ84-K (white only) and SYZ84-S/XL (white or black) and can mount either SMART kapp (42″ or 84″) as well as any monitor from 40”-84” — or, monitors weighing up to 160 pounds.

The adjustable monitor mounting bracket allows for height and pitch adjustments and is made of heavy-duty steel. Using 4″ wheels, the ADA-compliant AVF SYZ84 has a base design to allow access to the monitor without tripping over support legs.

More information is here.