AVer Information’s Videoconferencing Cameras and Speakerphones Now Barco-Compliant

AVer Information Conferencing Barco complianceAVer Information announced Barco compliance certification on its videoconferencing cameras and speakerphones, including the CAM130 4K Camera, VB130 Video Bar, CAM520 Pro2 Camera, VC520 Pro2 Camera and FONE540 Speakerphone. The certification ensures AVer’s USB gear integrates wirelessly with Barco’s ClickShare Conference.

Barco’s ClickShare Conference (CX-20, CX-30, and CX-50) enables users to connect automatically to AVer’s wide range of USB audiovisual peripherals and wirelessly share content from their own device whether PC, laptop or mobile. Users can expect synchronized and professional performance when integrating AVer’s CAM130, VB130, CAM520 Pro2, VC520 Pro2 and FONE540 with Barco’s ClickShare.

AVer’s suite of videoconferencing and speakerphones include features such as SmartFrame, a facial and body detection that automatically frames meeting participants based on the number and configuration of people in the room to ensure that everyone is visible on the screen (up to 32 feet away). AVer says SmartFrame works even when on-camera participants wear masks and spread out for social distancing, and it enables multiple auto-tracking functions. Intelligent fill-in lighting, included in the CAM130 and VB130, automatically adjusts brightness and memorizes preferences to present users with optimal lighting. The smart lighting system remembers users’ preferred settings, and it offers easy manual adjustment.