AVer Information Releases EZManager 2 Software for AVer USB Cameras

AVer information ezmanager

AVer Information announced the EZManager 2, a new system with an upgraded interface for managing AVer USB Cameras. EZManager 2 is a tool for centrally managing AVer USB video conferencing products in multiple locations.

AVer EZManager 2 claims to support a comprehensive approach to IT management with a simplified user experience. This updated version features an improved user interface that enables users to quickly manage AVer devices. EZManager 2 allows users to flexibly manage and control AVer USB devices via any user interface. Users can access EZManager 2 on their preferred browser and enter the central PC’s IP address. EZManager 2 allows users to locate multiple devices and view the device status in real-time. Users can remotely manage and upgrade firmware and PTZapp software updates. AVer’s secure interface enables users to backup and restore camera configurations for simplified plug-and-play operations.

Whether a user manages 10 or 10,000 cameras, EZManager 2 is a solution for technicians, service providers and enterprise deployments. IT Technicians can remotely access full control of AVer devices and keep them all working in sync.