AVer Information Announces Collaboration With Lenovo and Yamaha Unified Communications

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AVer Information announced a technology collaboration with Lenovo and Yamaha Unified Communications to create an updated Microsoft Teams certification solution for seamless, global collaboration. The plug-and-play hybrid meeting bundles include AVer’s CAM550, Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Core+ Controller and Yamaha’s ADECIA Ceiling Mic and Speaker Solution.

AVer’s CAM550 equips two 4K lenses to capture a complete view of the room with wide-angle clarity. The first PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom (24X total zoom) to frame meeting participants, the CAM550 boasts an AI lens for automated PTZ functionality to deliver a full view of meeting attendees and seamlessly detect meeting newcomers. The CAM550 includes a secondary AI lens designed to capture and automatically re-frame meeting participants moving in and around the room. The CAM550 boasts built-in AI gesture recognition to operate the camera; meanwhile, it eliminates common touchpoints to increase meeting safety. Meeting participants can easily control the camera through AI functionality by holding up one finger on either side of the face.

Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Core+ Controller, Yamaha’s ADECIA Ceiling Mic and Speaker Solution and AVer’s CAM550 offer seamless connectivity for Microsoft Teams to create a hybrid-room ready solution. AVer’s technology collaboration will provide users with another layer of seamless technology to increase meeting efficiency and participant engagement. AVer’s solutions establish a safe collaboration culture in any organization and make productivity and engagement higher for all meeting attendees, even the remote ones.