AVer Debuts Voice-Lift System for K-12 Called AmpliWave

AVer Debuts Voice Lift System for K 12 Called AmpliWave

AVer Information just launched a K-12-based AmpliWave Classroom Audio Solution. AmpliWave is a wireless audio amplification (voice-lift) system that AVer says will change the way students listen and learn in the classroom. With its plug-and-play receiver, wall-mount speakers and wireless microphones, the company says AmpliWave empowers teachers to manage their classroom through the power of their amplified voice with a range up to 1500 sq ft, or 60 feet. AmpliWave also offers anti-howling technology that removes distracting audio interference and distortion. AVer says AmpliWave’s speakers can simultaneously project microphone audio along with other sources like background music or sound effects to elevate lesson content. AVer says the included wireless mics are packed with a 8 to 10 hours of talk time so the mics can be used for a full school day. With fast charging capability, the microphones can reach a 10% charge in approximately 10 minutes using the provided charger.