AVer Announces CAM550 and VB342 Pro Cameras are Microsoft Teams Certified

AVer TeamsAVer Information just announced the CAM550, a dual-lens camera with AI technology, and VB342 Pro, a high-quality 4K PTZ camera, have been certified for Microsoft Teams. AVer’s CAM550 equips two 4K lenses to capture a complete view of the room with wide-angle clarity. The CAM550 is the first 4K PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom (24X total zoom) to frame meeting participants. The CAM550 includes a secondary AI lens designed to capture and automatically re-frame meeting participants moving in and around the room. Featuring picture-in-picture functions, the CAM550 simultaneously captures the speaker and a panoramic view of the room.

AVer’s VB342 Pro is equipped with a 4K PTZ camera to deliver crisp imagery in any meeting. Featuring a 92 degree 3.3x optical lens with 15x total zoom, the VB342 Pro delivers true-to-life video quality at up to 35’ away. The VB342 Pro includes AVer’s Audio Fence and beamforming technology to ensure outstanding sound for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. AVer Audio Fence technology is designed to turn any space into an uninterrupted meeting zone by silencing any distractions outside the viewing angle.

Featuring AI, including Smart Gallery and Gesture Control, the CAM550 and VB342 Pro are the latest collaboration and presentation solutions from Aver. When used directly with the Teams desktop client, outside of Microsoft Teams Rooms, AVer’s Smart Gallery technology captures attendees, and the AI technology crops participants’ faces and ensures everyone is visible. Users can choose headshot or half-body mode to adapt to any meeting situation. The CAM550 and VB342 Pro also boast built-in AI gesture recognition that works both with Teams Rooms and the Teams desktop client to operate the camera. Meanwhile, the devices eliminate common touchpoints to increase meeting safety. Meeting participants can easily control the camera through AI functionality by holding up one finger on either side of the face.