AVer and Shure Collaborate on Voice Tracking Integration

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AVer Information has partnered with Shure to integrate AVer’s PTZ Link and MT300(N) Matrix Tracking Box with Shure’s Microflex Advance MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone, enabling simple-to-use voice tracking functionality for AVer’s AI Auto Tracking and Professional PTZ cameras.

The companies say the AVer PTZ Link and the MT300(N) with PTZ Link Premium are designed to connect most AVer PTZ and ProAV Cameras to select microphone systems from Shure. Shure’s MXA920 has recently passed compatibility testing, letting users quickly turn AVer’s Camera into a voice-tracking camera by setting preset points and following talkers. Shure says the MXA920 delivers reliable, consistent, high-quality speech capture, enabling the most accurate audio pickup with video framing from PTZ Link. The combination of Shure’s MXA920, AVer Pro AV Cameras and AVer PTZ Link offers a uniquely simple and cost-effective conferencing solution for almost any environment, according to the companies.

The companies say integrating PTZ Link and the MT300(N) with Shure’s next-generation array architecture lets users activate voice tracking of meeting participants in various settings. What’s more, there’s no need to hire extra IT staff to get this system up and running — just open PTZ Link on the same PC used for video conferencing software, set up preset points in the presentation area and let AVer and Shure devices get to work capturing content that resonates with your audience. Shure’s array microphones capture audio, relaying it to AVer’s ProAV cameras, which follow or switch between speakers.

Compatible AVer cameras include the PTC300V2, PTZ300V2, TR200 and TR300 Series. In addition to the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone, Shure says it offers a variety of Microflex Advance microphones (MXA910, MXA710 and MXA310) and DSP options (IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor, IntelliMix Room Software DSP) that work with AVer’s camera technology.