Aveo Systems’ New Mira Connect Me Allows Users to Control AV Systems from Personal Devices

mira connect me

Aveo Systems has introduced Mira Connect Me — patent-pending technology for all Mira Connect systems — that allows users to control their audiovisual systems from their smartphones, tablets and computers. Users who want the flexibility of using their own devices or prefer not to touch a shared touch screen can now access a room’s Mira Connect user interface quickly, securely and safely on their own devices. All Mira Connect functions are available on the users’ personal devices, including one-touch audio and video dialing, launching Zoom, Cisco and Poly video calls, selecting video sources, controlling volume and positioning cameras.

Mira Connect Me operates with the Mira Connect device and is configured through Mira Portal, Aveo Systems’ cloud management platform. Once Mira Connect Me is enabled, a user scans the unique QR code shown on the room’s Mira Connect device (or enters the displayed passcode on a Mira Connect web page), and the Mira Connect user interface appears automatically in the browser of their personal device. There are no specialized applications required on the device, as Mira Connect Me uses the device’s browser. Mira Connect also does not require programming for set up.

Watch a video about Mira Connect Me here: