Aveo Systems Launches Mira Connect for Room Management and Control

Aveo Systems has released a tabletop control appliance, Mira Connect, and a cloud management platform, Mira Portal. Mira Connect’s touch screen interface is designed as a UC (unified collaboration) interface for in-room VC and control including features like dialing calls, adjust audio settings, manage projectors and displays and control the room, without the cost and complexity of custom programming.

Mira Connect is a room-based user interface and controller of collaboration equipment and is the only control system required in a room. The Mira Connect touchscreen interface can initiate audio and video calls by selecting participants from a directory, dialing directly, or, with Microsoft Office 365 integration, dialing scheduled meetings with one touch of a calendar invite. Custom graphics can be used with the touchscreen, incorporating a client’s logo, background image and custom colors.

Mira Portal is a cloud-based management platform that is used with Mira Connect to set up and manage individual rooms, sites, and organizations. With Mira Portal, as collaboration devices are added to the room, a list of the control points can be automatically created for the integrator to choose from during setup. Once the desired control points are selected, Mira Connect automatically generates the user interface for the room, further saving time and money. Changes to equipment or settings are easily managed via Mira Portal and updates are immediately reflected in the user interface, reducing maintenance costs over the system’s life cycle. Mira Portal’s dashboard allows remote management and configuration of the system and can generate SMS/text alerts to room managers if equipment problems arise. Using Mira Portal, an authorized user can securely control the room remotely via a browser, allowing IT teams or system integrators to remotely dial calls and control the room.

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