Aveo Systems Expands Control Capabilities with Global Caché

Aveo Systems has expanded its range of device interface capabilities through an authorized reseller arrangement with Global Caché, the leading independent manufacturer of IP, Wi-Fi and HTTP enabling connectivity products for control and automation.

Mira Connect, Aveo Systems’ collaboration control appliance, uses the Global Caché iTach IP2SL interface for seamless connection to video codecs, displays, video switchers and other equipment that requires RS232 for control. “Together we’ve made it easy for system integrators to control devices with the IP2SL,” said Craig Richardson, CEO of Aveo Systems. “For example, now integrators can connect to a video codec’s RS232 port when the codec’s network interface is on a dedicated video network and control is required over RS232. Simply set the IP address and baud rate of the Global Caché IP2SL, enter that same IP address in Mira Portal as the video codec’s IP address and Mira Connect will connect and control the codec automatically. Global Caché devices are reliable, easy to use, and provide great flexibility for system integrators.”

Robin Ford, Global Caché VP of business development, said “We’re very excited that Aveo Systems has chosen to partner with Global Caché. Our hardware products connect almost any electronic device to a Wi-Fi or wired network so that Aveo Systems’ products can access and control it. This allows for almost any device, regardless of its ability to connect to the network, to be easily integrated into an Aveo Systems installation. It’s a great partnership and one that Aveo Systems and Global Caché customers will welcome.”

For more information on Mira Connect, go here. Information on Global Caché products may be found here.