Aveo Systems Adds Office 365 Calendar Integration to Mira Connect Control System

Aveo Systems has announced the addition of Microsoft’s Office 365 Calendar support to its continually-expanding list of features supported by the Mira Connect smart control appliance and its cloud management platform, Mira Portal. Audio and video meetings scheduled via Office 365, including meetings scheduled for popular video and web conferencing services such as Zoom and BlueJeans, can now be dialed with one touch, including automatically dialing conference bridge numbers and access codes.

When users schedule meetings with Office 365, the meetings appear on the room’s Mira Connect panel and any meeting changes update Mira Connect automatically. With the meeting information displayed clearly on Mira Connect, users always know they are in the correct room and have the invitation details available at their fingertips. Mira Connect presents dial-in options based on the conferencing equipment in the room, and with one touch of the dial button, Mira Connect launches video or audio conference calls, including entering meeting PIN numbers.

In addition to Office 365, Mira Connect supports collaboration products from Polycom, QSC, Symetrix, Shure, Biamp, Bose, Sharp, FSR, Vivitek, NEC, Epson, Skreens and more. Mira Connect’s intuitive touch screen interface makes it easy to dial calls, adjust audio settings, manage projectors and displays and control the room, without the cost and complexity of custom programming. The platform allows integrators to easily install controllers in less time and efficiently deliver remote management services, while reducing system costs and complexity.

Here are the details.