AV9000 Certified Quality Designer (CQD) Workshop to Be Offered in September

aqav-0814Registration is open for a workshop AQAV is holding next month in Illinois. This three-day course for its CQD certification (AV9000 Certified Qualified Designer).

It is much more difficult and expensive to fix a mistake in the design and/or installation of the audiovisual system if it is detected later in the project cycle. The design review is one of the most important checks and balances in the project process, and will often be the difference between successful and disastrous projects, or the difference between satisfied clients and ex-clients.

The CQD program does not train integrators on how to design a system. It addresses the skills that are required to adequately review a design, ensure that it will perform as stated in the specification, and prepare the student to apply auditing skills to accomplish this.

Course Outline:

  • Quality Principles and definitions
  • Fundamentals of auditing AV; working within a QMS (Quality Management System)
  • Contract Review
  • Client performance checklist; AV metrics
  • AV Calculations
  • Design Review/Engineering Review
    • Display
    • Audio
    • Power, control, heat load
    • Networking
    • “General issues”
  • The Design Review Report
  • Practicum
  •  Examination and Registration

Course Details:

  • Three-day, on-site course.
  • Continental breakfast and lunch included
  • Prerequisites: CTS-D, or four years experience in the design of engineered audio visual systems that includes job tasks such as creating an unambiguous document model of the AV system for it to be built, installed and tested, and predicting the audio and visual performance of a design before it is built. An understanding of the mathematics behind these tasks is essential when predicting the performance. InfoComm International’s “AV Math for Design” is recommended. Students MUST bring a laptop, capable of Wi-Fi access and be able to access Microsoft Office documents.

The workshop will be held in Schaumburg, Illinois and the cost is $2,150 per individual training for AQAV non-members ($1,650 for AQAV members). The cost includes AQAV membership, class and certification examination. The certification is valid for three years. Register here.